History of a dream

In one way or another, the Pita family has always been connected to the world of wine. Every October, as is the case in many homes in the area, all the members of the family dive into the small family plot of land to produce wine in a traditional manner. Destiny had it that, years later, Emilio Pita would resolve make it his way of life. Just after his 23rd birthday, he began his studies in Oenology at the University of Bordeaux and then continued his education in California and New Zealand.

In 2010, he returned to Rubí de Bracamonte (Valladolid) where leads the way of the family project: a winery that always seeks to preserve the identity of its terroir in all its wines. This idea was expressed in the first year with Dominio de Verderrubí, its young Verdejo, which was followed in 2011 by the Atipyque and Pita wines, with which the winery extolled the expression of the land in each bottle. The family’s latest dream, which links them even further with the origins of this story, was fulfilled in 2014, with the market launch of La Bonera. This is one of the few red wines made in the Rueda Denomination of Origin, and it originates from the vineyard where the Pita family began their adventure.

In 2012 the winery is built at the foot of Rubí de Bracamonte, the village which has been witness the Pita family history.

Nuestro equipo humano

Emilio Pita

CEO and Winemaker

David Tejeo

Technical director

David Bustos

Commercial Director

José Luís Muñoz

National sales manager

Mónica Carballo

Production manager

Verónica Varela Villegas

Export Director

Our character stems from nature

The soul of our wines: the vineyard

The character of Pita family wines stems from the nature of our vineyards: 63 hectares located in the heart of Castile. The vast majority are situated in La Cantera, which is an estate of 56 hectares in Rubí de Bracamonte.

There we also find one of the so-called SPA for birds, a European protected land thanks to the wealth of their fauna. It’s one of a handful places in the world where we can enjoy the flight of a large bustards colony – the heaviest bird that is able to fly.

The remaining from our vineyard, 8 hectares, are in La Bonera, the state that the only red wine based in Velascálvaro (Valladolid) comes from. The distribution of these plots of land fully determined the design of the winery. Following a meticulous study of the terrain, the work plans were defined.

The earth is ideal for the production of wines known for their freshness in the mouth and their elegant scent. The structure begins with an initial sandy/stony metre; the second metre is comprised of clay; from there, rock dominates the interior of the earth.

At our cellars, every detail is hugely important and every grapevine matters. As such, the winery creates wines that are always made with its own grapes. Its vineyards are worked with extreme care and some of the winery’s wines have obtained organic certification, thanks to constant vigilance from the moment the first sprout appears to when the wine is poured into a glass.

Organic certification

We were granted organic certification in 2015 for our vineyards and wines thanks to the constant vigilance of work, from planting to the glass.


We do not use elements that could alter our product, such as fertilisers or pesticides


We undertake periodic evaluations to check the quality of our lands and products


We fully value and respect the ecosystem of our setting

A winery in which terroir is respected

In 2012, Verderrubí built its winery by Rubí de Bracamonte. The town has been a witness to the history of the Pita family. The facilities were constructed near the land where its wines are born so the grape harvest is easier. Grapes are calmly, carefully and constantly received during weeks of collection. Transportation is carried out in small batches that, after selection, are made into wine separately, depending on the exact moment of maturity.

The oenologist, Emilio Pita, aims to achieve the purest expression of the terroir and he works with autochthonous yeast. Aging is performed on lees in all of the winery’s wines, providing them with a natural stability and structure. Furthermore, wood is one of the main forces in the winery’s work and oak harmonises complex and long-lasting wines.

Our wines

Pita Terracota

Dominio de Verderrubí

Sauvginon Blanc

La Cantera

Pita Tinto la Guarda

Where can you buy them?



Plaza Mayor 7
Rubí de Bracamonte 47494


You can get in touch with us at info@bodegaspita.com or by calling +34 606 755 606

Visitors and tours

Discover our passion for wine by enjoying a guided tour of our organic vineyards. Immerse yourself in our world.

You can ask for information by emailing us at info@bodegaspita.com or by calling +34 606 755 606

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